Virtual Reality is pushing the boundaries of Interior Design 21st September 2017

Virtual reality is opening up a whole new experience in interior design both for the industry and its clients.

Experience some of our VR sequences below

VR and related technologies are changing the way we create the places we work, live, and play. Following in the footsteps of tech giants Google, Facebook and Samsung, RDA has recently embraced the boom in VR launching headsets which allow clients to see a full 360-degree view inside its 3D visuals.

Our designers can now create richly imaginative digital environments that are both immersive and expressive. Clients can then step inside and walk around a replica of a restaurant, catering facility, bar or hotel, gaining a deeper understanding of the intended look, feel and configuration.

Nick Bradley, Director at RDA said: “VR is life-size, fast, and inexpensive. A CAD design can be brought to life almost instantly in the virtual world. It allows you to look around your new space before the design has been executed. The result is confidence in design and purchasing decisions and a lot of saved time!”

Image courtesy of Google