There is no denying that Veganism is growing rapidly, with reports claiming it has risen by 360% in the last 10 years in the UK alone, largely driven by the younger generation with over 40% of vegans being aged between 15 and 34.

Our ideas about what is healthy are also changing. We are more focused on foods that are natural and less processed and eating a varied diet.

High profile celebrities and social media influencers are also raising awareness and promoting eating less or no meat as a healthy lifestyle choice.

It is this boom which has led to vegan meals being added to restaurant and cafe chains, as well as new vegan eateries popping up across London.

One big example is Pret a Manger which launched a temporary pop up called Veggie Pret, which only sells vegetarian and vegan products. What started as a month’s trial had such popularity that is stayed open the whole of last summer to cope with demand and is now a permanent fixture in Shoreditch, London.

With over a decade in restaurant design and installation projects we have seen a significant number of clients looking at organic, vegetarian and vegan options for their catering concepts.

Here are just a few of the recent projects we have been working on.

 Brewed and Pressed

RDA was selected by a premium cold pressed juice and health food café to design its first ever UK site. Brewed and Pressed, which is originally from Texas USA, specialises in 100% organic raw cold pressed drinks and food. When Saad Aslam, UK Managing Partner acquired the franchise to open the first UK site, our designers came up with a concept which reflects the brands philosophy of a healthy body and what we consume creates a healthy mind and ultimately helps you live longer.

In keeping with the US design scheme, our team created a high-end contemporary coffee bar design which features botanical influences such as an illuminated bespoke moss wall sign portraying the brands slogan – “The Art of Nourishment,” whilst an open serving hatch offers a ‘live’ experience from the kitchen.

Brewed and Pressed offers a wide selection of organic raw cold pressed, shakes, organic coffee, plant-based food and guilt free treats.

 Vegetarian and Vegan Restaurant for a leading University

We were appointed to create design concepts for new catering facilities for a leading university, one of which was a vegan and vegetarian restaurant.

Plants and vegetation were key to this look. We proposed clean, fresh untreated wood such as ply and cork to create an organic feel and highlight the environmentally friendly nature of the concept.

 Vegan Concept for new Coffee Shop



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