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Louise Ward, Business Development Manager for Schools and Universities at RDA gives her views on kitchen and canteen refurbishment

How can schools make a canteen or dining room eye catching to today’s pupils without stretching the budget?

Use simple finishes and arrange the smaller food specific counters into a market street arrangement. This will help to give a high street look and feel and won’t break the budget!

With kitchens growing ever smaller yet pupil numbers growing, what can caterers do in their kitchen refurbishment to save on space?

Choose equipment wisely by opting for smart and flexible options that enable diverse cooking methods.

For example: Combination ovens which have several modes. They are: Moist Heat (Steam), Dry Heat (Convection) and Combined (Steam and Convection). You can use these different settings individually, progressively, or together enabling you to grill, bake, roast, braise, steam, stew, poach and much more, with just one piece of equipment.

Or Multi-function cooking centres. These will Pressure Cook, Boil, Sear, Braise, Fry, Deep Fry, cook at low temperatures, Confit, Sous Vide, offering independent flexible cooking.

Education Catering Design

What top tips can you offer when approaching a small or large refurbishment?

Consider the pupils journey. Look at the entrances and exits to your dining area, think about how the queue will flow and consider the positions for your offer/service. Whether it is break time or lunch, everything should flow quickly and smoothly. Again, choose flexible equipment to future proof your dining area to keep up with ever changing trends and allowing you to offer seasonal menu changes.

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