If you’re a franchisee or a catering manager, hiring a design company to help with your restaurant project can be daunting. If you’re starting from scratch at the tender process, it’s difficult to know which firm will be the best one for the job.

Having developed strong partnerships with a wide range of clients in various sectors, our expert team at RDA offers some words of advice on how to find the right company for your project:

Does the catering design company have a strong set of previous project case studies?

When you’re investing in a design firm to help bring your concepts to life, it’s important to know what to expect upfront. A solid set of previous project case studies and testimonials is one way to better understand the company’s strengths and past successes. Although there may not be an example of a project in your exact sector, many skills can be applied to different dining styles, formats and locations – something that can better be realised through examples.

Does the team cover the entire process, from concept creation to installation?

With large projects, often the easiest option is to hire a company that can provide full support from start to finish, offering advice and expertise along the way. That way you get the best possible outcome while saving time and money. At RDA, our team works in partnership with each client to ensure that all projects are carried out seamlessly. From the initial design stage right through to equipment procurement and menu development, it’s important to know that every area of your catering set-up will be enhanced through the very best that’s available in design and technology.


Are they ahead of the trends?

Anyone working in the hospitality industry will know that restaurant trends are perhaps more fast-paced than in any other sector. From the industrial interiors look utilising raw concrete, distressed copper and open kitchens, to the maximalist approach, featuring clashing fabrics, mismatched furniture and decorative objects; each concept has a unique set of factors to ensure its décor seamlessly ties in with its dining style.

At RDA we’ve worked with quick-serve establishments such as Burrito Kitchen and Wrapchic, alongside steakhouses and coffee shops – each requiring a bespoke solution to set them apart from their competition. Currently our team is busy working on a new burger concept, fresh from Los Angeles, for its first UK site – watch this space.

Does its team include experts in every field?

When designing a restaurant, the most important thing to consider is the customer. Will they be comfortable? Does each diner have enough space? Is there enough light? At the heart of our business are our clients, and so we understand that customers are the central focus of any hospitality project. Being a family-run business, our team of experts covers all areas of design, development, project management and installation, encouraged to put forward creative ideas at every stage. Alongside a dedicated project management team, our clients receive the full support of RDA. Our combined expertise will give you peace of mind and make your business a success.


To chat to our team about making RDA your restaurant design company, please contact us on 0844 873 4993.

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