RDA are seeing more and more requests for street food concepts. One thing we know for certain about street food in the UK is that it’s been on the rise for years, and is only getting more popular. Not only is street food reasonably priced, it’s fast too, and caters for the busy lifestyles of the food on-the-go consumer.

Visual’s of a street food concept we are working on for a client

But as changing lifestyle trends mean that workplace food offers must not only compete with the high street; they must also differentiate in some way both in terms of look and feel as well as the food, many businesses are turning to market stalls and food trucks to complement their existing catering offer.

Always looking at new ways they can attract more customers, offer something different and encourage more people to stay in the building for lunch, caterers are tapping into the street food revolution and making food trucks and market stalls a permanent fixture within their catering facility as a genuine hook for employees to keep coming back.Alex Bradley, Director at RDA said: “We are seeing more and more requests from clients for this type of offer. Instead of young professionals with an interest in food & drink trends stopping by their local market stall on their way to work or on their lunch break, caterers are seeing the potential of having that option on site.

“Not only do food trucks and market stalls look great, they are flexible, enabling you to offer a variety of different foods and display them in an attractive way on a daily basis. Having that option keeps the offer fresh and the consumer interested which can help increase sales, loyalty and prevents the customer feeling like they are heading to the same counter day after day.”

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