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With summer just around the corner, diners are turning their thoughts to outdoor dining. Patios and other forms of eating al fresco have always been hugely popular and the younger generation has only enhanced restaurateurs desire to create new roof top bars, pavement seating and beer gardens.

It’s estimated that restaurants with outdoor dining can increase revenue by up to 30% and attract more guest demographics as well as giving diners the ambiance they crave. Just like a garden, sunlight gives your restaurant room to grow.

With over a decade of experience in restaurant design, RDA know first-hand how to create the perfect outdoor space that will keep customers coming back for more.


Outdoor seating of every variety offers benefits that make your restaurant a more attractive proposition for more types of diners. For example, large groups enjoy patios because they can relax and order multiple rounds of drink and food at their own pace.

Also, diners with dogs enjoy the freedom of outdoor dining not to mention the huge demographic this can attract, with 26 percent of people in the UK owning a dog.

Outdoor dining also allows restaurants to maximise their profit potential without costly building permits, construction costs and the lost footfall caused through redevelopment.


Millennial’s are the first generation more likely to try a new beer garden than they are to attend a nightclub. As Craft Beer sales continue to grow, beer gardens offer the perfect place to enjoy a pint on a hot sunny day.

Communal tables allow restaurants to increase seating while creating a social atmosphere that encourages longer stays and the longer you can keep your guests comfy, the more they’ll eat and drink.


Nothing gives a restaurant a more instant advertising boost than the sights and smells of sun drenched diners enjoying their meals or drinking on the terrace. Today’s diners are hungry for experiences that they can share on social media, so creating the perfect “instagramable” outdoor scene will also have your customers doing your marketing for you.


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