Many in the F&B sector will already be familiar with micromarkets as an inexpensive retail service solution.


However, the launch of RDA’s transparently-priced micromarket range meets a gap in the market for a modular solution which offers clients choice, convenience and flexibility.


“A crucial difference between our range and many others is the fact that our modules are ‘site ready’, with the designs, dimensions and unit and installation costs available upfront,” said Nick Bradley, Design Director at RDA Limited.


“Rather than having to go through the expensive and time-consuming process of scheduling a site survey followed by bespoke production, all the client needs to do is choose the modules which will best suit their needs and their space.”



RDA’s three-tier economy, standard and premium approach also offers clients an enhanced degree of flexibility, including different sizes and finishes ranging from OSB wood panels to premium hardwood, as well as a range of laminate finishes.


“Our entry-level option meets a high quality standard, and the OSB is a design statement in itself,” said Nick. “Whether painted or left untouched, it has an authentic and urban feel that would particularly suit a rustic or industrial setting.”


The premium range features a range of elevated unit options far removed from the basic micromarket stereotype, whereas the intermediate standard level is available in a wide range of laminate finishes, offering clients an extensive choice. “It wouldn’t look out of place in one of our corporate hospitality venues,” says Nick.


Premium Range Example


Standard Range Example


The transparent pricing element was another key objective for the RDA team, and the finished brochure sets out clear costs to help clients budget for their retail fit-out or refurbishment through their choice of modules.


“We knew that clients were looking for a cost-effective option, either because they were considering a modular approach as a short-term solution to ease coronavirus-related concerns, or because of the financial impact of the last year on their business,” says Nick.”


The idea for the range emerged from RDA’s Workplace Restaurant of the Future work with leading foodservice providers ISS back in May 2020. The project saw the award-winning family business collaborate on an industry task force and devise a brochure of short-term industry solutions to challenges presented by the coronavirus outbreak.


‘Restaurant of the Future’ Concept, and the basis for RDA ‘Modules’


Director Nick Bradley explains: “Although no one knows exactly what our new normal will look like post Covid-19, we’re confident that some of the changes brought about by the pandemic are here to stay.”


“We felt that many consumers would continue to find a self-serve approach in the F&B retail world appealing, whether from a hygiene viewpoint or a convenience angle, and so the idea for our own modular micromarket range was born.”


The range is available to order now, and RDA encourages retailers considering a modular approach to get in touch for a copy of the brochure and a conversation.


“We’re happy to talk through the different options and timelines, and we have some leasing services available too,” says Nick.


To speak to one of the team about the new micromarket range, email us at or give us a call on 0844 873 4993.

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