The brief was to create a restaurant design that would showcase the historic features of the building whilst introducing an efficient restaurant layout design for the banqueting and groups, parties and educational visits.

We were invited by Andy Hook, proprietor of the famous Blackfriars Restaurant in Newcastle Upon Tyne, to renovate the adjacent historic banqueting hall.  The hall was actually unused and in a state of poor repair. The banqueting hall dates back to 1239 AD and was said to be used by Kind Edward III for receiving the Scottish King Edward Balliol.

The challenges

The challenges were numerous given the historic buildings listing. We needed to create a restaurant interior design that would provide a contemporary catering service that would not be overtly visible by diners.

The hall was restored to its former glory and finished within time and on budget.  The overall effect is stunning and and exemplifies a significant restoration project in the region.

Blackfriars Restaurant, Newcastle
Blackfriars Restaurant, Newcastle
Blackfriars Restaurant, Newcastle


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