How long do you spend on lunch? The average worker now only spends 28 minutes on their break, with 82% of workers never taking their full lunch hour.

The 2016 Mastercard poll of 1,300 working adults proved that the days of a long leisurely lunch are over – but does that also mean that any food solution will do, as long as it’s fast?

In our experience at Restaurant Design Associates, this shift of lunchtime into premium time has in turn elevated our expectations.

With four in 10 Brits saying lunch is the highlight of their working day – according to a 2015 Lurpack study of 2,000 workers – we want an experience to be savoured in the time that we have. Speed is no longer the sole essence.

This evolution of lunchtime eating is reflected in the catering clients we have partnered with over the past year and the expansion of their brands. Appetites are growing for quality lunch options that offer much more than just a quick bite.

Consumers want solutions that aren’t just convenient but freshly-produced and authentic. Demand is high for healthy options that don’t come at the sacrifice of convenience. Workers want meals that spice up their lunchtimes seeking new adventurous flavours.


Expanding Indian burrito brand WrapChic, for which we are fit-out partner, epitomises these changing tastes. A healthy fusion of Indian flavours wrapped in the convenience of a tortilla, it has just opened its newest branch at the University of Bradford.

Featuring Wrapchic’s eye-catching branding, the hero features of the new outlet are its unique kitchen gadgetry and front-of-house display of centrally-prepared, Indian meats, salads and sauces, ready to be assembled into the perfect, customer-created burrito.

This transparency of food preparation instantly appeals to the health-conscious, whilst offering an authentic, bespoke dining experience.

Burrito Kitchen

Mexican-inspired Burrito Kitchen is also offering a sizzling solution to busy workers. Its latest branch in Uxbridge combines functionality with flair, as we designed a custom counter for fast service, wrapped in branding that promotes its passion.

Because it’s not just the food that matters. To maximise customer flow and dwell time throughout busy lunch periods, surroundings are just as vital as what’s served.

Every catering solution we create has to meet not only a client’s practical needs, but exceed each customer’s individual expectations about what they’re eating, where they’re eating it and how soon it’s delivered.

It’s why we start projects by looking at customer usage and habits and how any existing space is already being used, inside the kitchen and out. This analysis enables us to create truly innovative bespoke solutions.

The demand for a premium on-trend, fast-paced casual dining experience, that offers freshly-prepared yet flavoursome food with a difference, is only set to grow.

Workers are becoming more time-pushed, and as a result lunchtime is becoming ever more precious.

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