Here at RDA, we like our office to be a happy and productive working environment, ensuring our projects are undertaken to the best of our abilities. The common office stereotypically adopts the popular minimalistic approach to its design, with simple, functional furniture and monochrome colour schemes. However, this could have detrimental effects on productivity and employee spirits.

Conversely, to make your working environment more open to concentration and efficiency, one of the best things you can do is bring in some plants.

As a trusted partner and supplier of RDA, Vantage Spaces aims to help improve the attitudes and productivity of employees by creating ‘Enviro Walls’. From a living wall made entirely of real plants, through to a preserved moss canvas, Vantage Spaces produces healthy working environments, bringing high-quality interior greenery to boost morale and creativity.

It has been proven that office plants help sharpen your focus, improve your health, and purify the air. Studies done by the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) program, show that certain plants remove as much as 87% of indoor air pollutants within just 24 hours.

According to researcher Marlon Nieuwenhuis, from Cardiff University’s School of Psychology, plants can also enhance attention spans and productivity by up to 15%. Further demonstrating that plants statistically reduce the number of days people are absent from work, by promoting better physical and mental health.

A recent study at The Royal College of Agriculture in Cirencester likewise found that people demonstrate a 70% increase in attentiveness when they are in a room that contains plants. Producing a calming effect, proving to de-stress, motivate and inspire employees.

This current drive towards developing the organic, botanical trend, has suddenly seen a number of restaurants opening in the UK based on this look and feel.

At RDA, we’re including this concept in our hospitality projects. The inclusion of plants will aim to improve customer health and satisfaction levels, together with tying into the current trends of 2017, overall attracting more customers for our clients.

Nick Bradley, Director of Design at RDA, stated the importance of healthy working environment and how this natural approach will be beneficial to both businesses and potential clients.

“At RDA, we pride ourselves on being the number one in creative and innovative catering design, and to remain creative we need a positive working environment.

“The ‘greenery’ trend has quickly taken off, helping reduce stress levels, self-reported levels of focus, and perceived air quality.

“At RDA we not only want to make sure our work space is a happy and efficient environment but also allow the customers of our clients to feel good too. Not only is it now healthy to include plants into office designs and businesses, it is also the contemporary option.

“Visually striking, the Enviro Wall completes an aesthetically pleasing look, suitable for any professional work setting. Its natural features combine perfectly with all of the current trends in catering design. Whether it is earthy, artisan and rustic-inspired schemes or something more stylish and simple, the botanical movement will attract a variety of happy customers to our clients.”

As we approach the height of summer, this simple trend is sure to become ever more present in hotels, restaurants, cafés and offices. To find out how our team can introduce some greenery to your hospitality project, contact us today.

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