At one time, when it came to the world of business, London was considered to be the epicentre of the UK. Outside of manufacturing, creative opportunities seemed to gravitate to London-based companies, with other UK regions often struggling to compete.

However, as Dylan famously put it, the times they are ‘a changing. Thanks to advances in technology, the British business scene is now a much more level playing field – with cities such as Newcastle, Manchester and Leeds thriving in the design and technology sectors.

As a family run business that’s been based in Hebburn in the North East since 2007, we’re passionate about operating on an international scale from a regional HQ. Here, Director at RDA, Alex Bradley, outlines the many benefits of hiring a design firm located outside of the capital.

Contract catering company, Weybridge

“We’ve found that our family ethos and friendly approach to all enquiries are more important to clients than our Head Office location. This has allowed us to grow the company over the last 10 years, from five staff to 19, whilst increasing turnover from £1M to £7-8M. We also have a five-year growth plan in place, with key focus on customer engagement

“The reduced cost of basing ourselves outside of London means our overheads can be lower than competitors based in the city, and this makes our design, consultancy and project management fees extremely competitive. We also employ mobile members of our team, such as project and account managers, located across the UK for short notice appointments.

“Strong transport links from Newcastle to London means our team can be at King’s Cross Station in just over two hours. And as we are in a very central UK location, we have easy access to Scotland, and even Ireland and Northern Ireland, being only a short flight away from Newcastle Airport.

“Client contact is key, but we don’t always need to be based locally to them, thanks to advances in technology helping to connect people. For our clients outside of the UK, such as Dubai and Los Angeles, we hold weekly catch up calls via Skype and Uber Conference.”

To find out more about how RDA can assist with your catering project, please get in touch on 0844 873 4993.

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