On 23rd March, RDA took the decision to stop all on-site works, to postpone pending start-dates, and instigated a compulsory home-working policy for all staff not on furlough. Ergo we, along with our industry at large, have been very much in ‘lock-down’ for some eight weeks at the time of writing.

During this time, we have endeavoured to use our time positively and turned our thinking to the widely anticipated ‘bounce-back’ of the food-service industry and, critically, what small part we can play in ensuring this happens.

It is becoming more and more apparent that we shall have to establish new normals post lock- down. We are heading largely into uncharted waters but, in any range of scenarios, catering design and operational strategies will surely remain to be dictated by customers’ likes, wants and needs. Therefore, our position is that we must wait and properly assess social behaviours in food-service settings, cross-sector, before we can determine medium to long-term solutions for a landscape that is certain to change.

In the meantime, we have been working on the short-term solutions (which, who knows, might become long-term ones too). These are aimed at making safe your cafés, deli bars and serveries, to the point that you are confident the right steps have been taken to enable their reopening.

We trust that the retro-fit solutions we have developed within our ‘Covid-19 Hygienic Solutions’ brochure will be of some interest and can help ensure that your customers and staff alike are comfortable visiting and working in hour F&B facilities.


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