RDA give their views on the benefits of Mobile Serving Counters

Contemporary, high-end mobile serving counters are becoming an increasingly popular option with clients when it comes to catering design. Gone are the days of dated stainless steel counter bain-maries that give the impression of low grade institutional catering. Today’s mobile counters offer a sleek, design led offer in a variety of finishes complimenting the overall style of any scheme. They also provide a versatile solution and multi-purpose use across the same building allowing operators to easily reconfigure their servery layouts to provide different service offers.

Changing lifestyle trends mean that workplace food offers must not only compete with the high street; they must also differentiate in some way both in terms of look and feel as well as well as the food offer, to provide a genuine hook for consumers to keep on coming back.

Food and how it is presented is all about experiences, and when agile and beautiful spaces, excellent product and exceptional service are all combined and executed effectively the experience is enhanced, creating a proposition that exceeds what the high street can offer.

For a recent project within a major law firm in Canary Wharf, RDA was tasked with coming up with a bespoke counter solution which offered flexibility for a variety of daily services and had the option of moveable sections so it could be used in different spaces.

Our team of experts came up with a high-end mobile servery concept that uses individual servery pods which suite together as one cohesive element, no matter which way round you place it. This sleek design allows the counter to be used as one continuous servery for the lunchtime rush or large functions or as individual mobile counters to suit any service or occasion.

As well as the aesthetic benefits mobile counters can bring to your catering facility, there are many other benefits to this type of design:

  • You can change the service round quickly, which is key to busy caterers. it saves time and therefore makes the service quicker, thus improving productivity.
  • You can use sections of the servery elsewhere in the same building for pop up offers and food demos.
  • You can swap pieces of equipment in line with the offer of the day. For example: you can prep a mobile counter behind the scenes then replace it with a section from the main counter allowing you to wow customers with your pre-prepared food offer. Or you can condense sections of the counter if they are not needed for a particular service to allow operators to maximise efficiency during seasonal demands.
  • You can involve the customer in the cooking. For example – Theatre Style, where the food is cooked in front of the customer
  • You can offer a variety of different foods and display them in an attractive way on a daily basis. This in turn helps to attract more customers and encourages them to stay in the building for lunch.
  • Having an ever-changing servery layout keeps the consumer interested which can help increase sales, and prevent the customer automatically heading to the same counter day after day.

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